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A Scout is:

  1. Trustworthy
  2. Loyal
  3. Helpful
  4. Friendly
  5. Courteous
  6. Kind
  7. Obedient
  8. Cheerful
  9. Thrifty
  10. Brave
  11. Clean
  12. Reverent



Advancement, Lists, Maps, Policies, Forms, New Parents, Summer Camp, Training..

  Ceremonies from Boy Scout Trail
  Den Chief Training
  Leave No Trace Award
  Merit Badge Basics
  Merit Badge Counselor Directory for St Louis
  Merit Badge Index & Worksheets
  Merit Badge Worksheets
  Rank Advancement Videos thru First Class
  Ranks & Advancement Requirements by Rank
  Religious Awards
  Totin' Chip Award
Camp & Trail Maps
  Beaumont Camp Sites Map
  Beaumont Driving Map
  Beaumont Hiking Map Color Trails
  Beaumont Hiking Map Color Trails Descriptions
  Castlewood State Park Trail Maps
  Chubb Trail Map
  Don Robinson State Park - Labarque Hills Trail
  Don Robinson State Park - Sandstone Canyon Trail
  Green Rock Trail Map Topo
  Hawn State Park Trail Map Topo
  S - F Camp Famous Eagle
  S - F Camp Gamble
  S - F Camp Sakima
  S - F Summer Camp Driving Map
Cooking Merit Badge
  Cooking Meeting Topics
  Cooking Merit Badge Worksheet
  Food List Chart
  Sugar Content Chart
Eagle Advancement
  Eagle Leadership Service Project Requirements
  Eagle Scout Service Project Manual from NESA.org
  Eagle Service Project Checklist
  Earning Your Eagle Rank - Tips & Suggestions
  Electronic Eagle Scout Aplication
  Letter from Eagle Scout Mike Rowe to Your Son about becoming an Eagle Scout
  Life to Eagle Scout Packet
  New Horizons Eagle Board of Review Contacts
Gear Lists
  Backpacking Essentials - What you need to Know
  Backpacking Gear List
  Float Trip Gear List
  Standard Individual Gear List
  Winter Event Gear List
Medical Forms
  BSA Health & Medical Form Parts A-C
  Philmont Medical Form ABC
  BSA Clip Art
  BSA National Tour Plan FAQ
  BSA National Tour Plan Form
New Parents
  Boy Scout Youth Application
  Medical Form
  Merit Badges Guide
  New Scout Families Essentials
  Acknowledgement for Screening Form
  Adult Leader Application
  Board of Review Guide
  Missouri Worker Registration Screening Form
  Parental Permission Form
  Parents Resource Survey
  Safe Environment Program Overview
  St. Louis Archdiocese Safe Environment Program Brochure
  STL Archdiocese Commitment to Ethical Conduct
  Campfire Program Planner Form
  Ceremonies for Scouts - Court of Honor, Rank Advancement
  Games for Scouts
  Games from Boy Scout Trail
  Menu Planning Worksheet
  Skits from Boy Scout Trail
  Songs from Boy Scout Trail
  Uniform Inspection Sheet
  Weekend Campout Duty & Menu Planning
Pizza Sales Fundraiser
  Pizza Receipt
  Pizza Sales Form
  BSA Troop 323 Guidelines
Summer Camp
  BSA S-F Scout Camp 2015 Manual
  Medical Requirements for Summer Camp
  Mile Swim
  NYLT National Youth Leadership Training Camp
  Ranger & River Ranger Program at S-F + Applications
  S-F Mailing Address
  Work at Summer Camp - Camp Staff Application
  Adult Leader Basic & Position Training
  Challenge Course & Climbing Training
  Climbing Harness Swami Tying Instruction Sheet
  Duffel Bag & Duffel Bag Archives
  Pioneering Kit Training Workshop
  Rocks Climbing Certification
  Wilderness First Aid Certification
  Wood Badge Adult Training Course
  Youth Protection Training Guidelines & Link

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